​​Luma Fina​nce & Supply Chain Management

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An Overview of Finance & Supply Chain Management in Luma:

Luma Finance will help improve business transparency and strengthen financial discipline with proven functionality covering core financial management, budgetary control, project and grant accounting, and cash management. As part of the Luma finance module, the State will have access to a flexible, configurable chart of account structure to accommodate agency needs.​

Luma Supply Chain Management simplifies the procurement processes by using a standard process to purchase goods and services. Goods can be purchased and received either centrally or at individual departments. Agencies can be more strategic in their purchases by publishing sourcing events. Contracts can be monitored using system provided tools to provide greater visibility for control and planning. The system offers great flexibility while giving your organization a very sophisticated supply chain management system.​

How is Finance and Supply Chain (Procurement) different in Luma?

The Changes, Impacts, & Values of Finance in Luma:

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The Changes, Impacts, & Values of Supply Chain (Procurement) in Luma:

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​Start learning how your Finance or Supply Chain Role 

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