​​Luma ​​​​Human Capital Management ​​​

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An Overview of Human Capital Management in Luma:

Luma Human Resources contains the State's organizational structure, reporting and supervisory structure, jobs/roles/positions, work assignments, etc. Luma Payroll offers a flexible framework to accommodate the State’s complex payroll requirements, as well as offering the ability to generate and maintain comprehensive compensation data and information. Payroll reduces administration workload and duplication of effort with a powerful control monitoring system.​ Luma Time utilizes a comprehensive solution that aligns labor management with the State’s rules and policies. Integrated modules address forecasting and budgeting, scheduling, time and attendance, performance management, and compliance, streamlining processes to increase efficiency while encouraging employees to focus on activities that generate more value.

How is Human Capital Management different in Luma?

The Changes, Impacts, & Values of Human Resources in Luma:

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The Changes, Impacts, & Values of Time & Pay in Luma:

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