​​​Procurement Module​

Purchasing simplifies procurement processes by establishing vendor pricing agreements and contracts, creating, importing and maintaining item information, and creating and issuing several types of purchase orders. Goods can be received centrally or at individual departments, as well as with smartphones and tablet devices when requesters
are away from their desks. The system offers great flexibility while giving your organization a very sophisticated supply chain management system. The result is an efficient tool that reduces errors and keeps suppliers in the ‘virtual supply chain’ informed. In addition, Purchasing improves the accuracy and timeliness of the internal information flow to suppliers, which translates to enhanced vendor relationships and an improved organizational image.

Procurement Card

Procurement Cards are designed to make purchasing more efficient, flexible, and convenient. The State can set purchasing rules and policies, so you can give staff the freedom to purchase the items they need to keep your business running on a daily basis. Audit, review, and approval controls are already built into the system so that
your employees can obtain new parts, supplies, or services while avoiding the relatively high cost of getting the paperwork approved for low-cost purchases.

​Infor Procurement Card module works with the State’s bank’s procurement card program to give you the flexibility to enhance the use of procurement cards, without limiting control over accounting processes or sacrificing visibility into what is being purchased. With the Procurement Card, you can implement and manage your procurement program and help ensure that your employees acquire and receive goods quickly, efficiently, and on an as-needed basis.
With your Infor Procurement Card, you can:
  • Limit the use of purchase orders for low-cost, high-volume purchases.
  • Reduce out-of-pocket costs and expense reimbursements.
  • Pay from one statement instead of multiple vendor invoices.
  • Match procurement card charges to purchase orders.
  • Link merchants to vendors for easy 1099 reporting.
  • Capture additional details like purchase categories and manufacturer details.
  • Tie purchases to accounts and activities.
  • Include procurement card purchases in your overall spend analysis.


Requisitions are designed to extend the advantages of requisitions beyond the purchasing department. Departmental casual users will be able to create their own requisitions online, while your organization automates the requisition approval process. With this tool, users can quickly adopt online requisitioning as a single point of entry for all goods and service requests. Requisitioning offers templates and other timesaving features, adapted from the world of e-commerce, to quickly make every internal client a productive use of the system with minimal training, including punch-out. Simplified tools give casual users the same powerful search capabilities that power users enjoy, without having to leave the online requisition environment they use to create requests.

Procurement Punch-Out

Procurement Punch-Out saves your purchasing staff even more time by allowing end-users to shop directly at vendor-maintained Web sites, reducing the demands of maintaining an internal item master. By empowering end-users to assume more responsibility for their purchases — within organizational rules and negotiated contracts —

Requisitions and Procurement Punchout contribute to a faster fulfillment process, thereby boosting satisfaction. And, because built-in controls decrease the potential for off-contract buying, you may significantly reduce your purchasing costs. Procurement Punchout includes these key features:
  • Enables you to punch out to multiple vendor web sites
  • Includes support for cXML punchout standards to help you extend your trading community to new vendors
  • Gives you the option to work with your vendors to set up your organization’s view of their web sites
  • Leverages Requisitions to provide conformity to transaction rules for user access, budget checks, and manager approvals​
Supplier Portal 
Infor Supplier Portal is a collaboration toolset designed to maximize efficiency for Infor customers and their diverse supplier base. Supplier Portal provides suppliers with web-based access to self-register, respond to solicitations, electronically negotiate terms and conditions, order, invoice, and payment details, electronic invoice creation, as
well as tools that allow suppliers to manage their own accounts. Supplier Portal provides visibility into supplier invoices and payment history. Visibility allows everyone, from buyer to supplier to accounts payable manager, to take corrective action and mitigate risk.

Infor Strategic Sourcing is a role-based application that gives your organization best practices to save you time during the full-sourcing lifecycle from bid creation through the award. Strategic Sourcing can help you simplify the process of doing business with your suppliers, and vice versa.

Infor Contract Management is designed to make it simpler, faster, less expensive, and more secure for your organization to create, manage, and monitor contracts. With Contract Management, you’ll simplify the contract creation process, allowing your buyers to spend more time on more strategic tasks. If you’re using Strategic Sourcing, information already captured with that application can automatically populate the contract templates in
​Contract Management.