​​Luma Projects & Grants Resources​

Pleas​e use this resources page to better understand projects and grants in Luma as well to complete your agency's projects and grants workbook(s).

Q&A: Luma Projects & Grants Q&A as of 11.15.2021.pdf

Projects & Grants Workbooks: 

AR Customer List - 10.21.2021.xlsx

Project Upload Workshop - 10.21.2021.xlsx

Funding Source Upload Workshop - 10.21.2021.xlsx


Workshop Recordings on Luma YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrxGQUWtlwyTOtr_tM-0-1CFnV7HDsVOo

PowerPoint Presentation from first workshop: ​Luma Projects & Grants Presentation.pdf 

Office Hour Recordings: 


For general questions, please email luma@sco.idaho.gov. For questions regarding your agency's projects and/or grants, please email your Agency Advocate.