Military Deployment (State Active Duty) Deductions and OGI Information

This is a coordinated process defined between OGI and DSP that will be followed with regards to State employees (eligible for Health/Dental insurance) that are called to State Active Duty
Note:  This procedure is only for those employees currently working at a State agency other than the Military Division.  Those currently employed by the Military Division that are called to State Active Duty will continue to have all deductions (including Health/Dental) during the call-up (they are still being paid from the Military Division during the call-up). 
At the time that Military Division staff becomes aware of the above situation, they will send an e-mail to both the Office of Group Insurance and the other employing State agency.
The e-mail to Office of Group Insurance is to notify them that the eligible employee has been called to State Active Duty, who the employing agency is (other than Military Division), and the expected duration of the call-up.  This notification will alert them to the fact that premiums may be missed during the call-up period and automatic adjustments, to both employee and employer premiums, will be made (or reported) in the payroll process at the other employing agency when the incident is over and the employee returns to work at that agency.
The e-mail to the other employing State agency is to notify them that the employee has been called to State Active Duty, the expected duration of the call-up, and that time (including MLT and other leaves) should not be entered from their agency during the call-up period. 
In addition, the staff at Military Division should ask the other employing State agency if the deployed employee is eligible for Health/Dental insurance.  If he/she is eligible, make sure that the other employing agency is aware that during the call-up period the premiums (both employee and employer costs) would not be taken.  Therefore, any necessary automatic adjustments (both employee and employer premiums) for Health/Dental will be made (or reported) at their agency via the payroll process once the employee returns to work. 
Note:  Military Division will be responsible for any reimbursements (inter-departmental billing) that may be awarded to the other employing agency for the agency Health/Dental premiums missed during the call-up.