My Self-Service

Purpose:  Contains all Self-Service documents (Direct Deposit, Employee Information/AddressEmployee Voluntary Deductions, Employee Secondary Email, FSA Enrollment Application, and Donate Leave) that have been saved as Draft, Submitted, or Archived for an employee.


To access the 'My Self-Service' view:

  • Sign-on to the State Controller's Office website.
  • From the Application Selection Menu select Employee Self Service.
  • Select 'Views' from the top menu selection.

Note:  Donate Leave is a separate view where active employees can choose to donate sick or vacation time to employees in need. Termed employees are ineligible. For additional information on how to donate leave click here.

In the 'My Self-Service' view an employee can:

  • Review any Self-Service document that has been created and saved as a draft, submitted or archived.
  • Documents can be opened by clicking the specific document.  If the document is in a 'Draft Status', it can be reviewed and resaved or submitted for further processing.
  • Employees have the ability to delete documents in 'Draft Status' from their current 'My Self-Service' view that they do not want processed.  Documents can be deleted by opening the document and selecting 'Delete'.
  • Documents can be sorted by 'Action', 'Effective/Pay Date' or 'Status' by clicking on the column heading.  'Refresh Current View' will return the Action, Effective/Pay Date and Status columns to their default view prior to any document sorting applied. 
Example of My Self-Service view:
Document status - 'Declined'
If OGI reviews your Medical/Dental or FSA application and 'Declines' it, they must add a 'Comment'.  Comments can be found by accessing the document.