Online Reporting

Purpose:  Online Reporting allows state agencies to access, view, print and save financial or payroll reports generated by the State Controller's Office from their website.  

 There are two roles within Online Reporting.  For more information about what each role can do click the links below:  

  • Agency Maintain User: Each agency is assigned at least one "Maintain User" that is responsible to assign or remove View Report access to employees at their agency.  

Note:  A completed online Security Access Request form is required to add or delete an Agency Maintain User. 

  • View Online Reports: Agencies can assign any employee to view specific reports within the Online Reporting Application.

 Note:  After 30 minutes of inactivity a time out will occur in Online Reporting.  The message: "Your secure session has timed out.  Please LOG OFF or choose 'Applications' to return to the SCO Application Menu."  If a user is viewing a report they will not receive the message until they select another navigation option in Online Reporting.  

 Reports are broken into categories referred to as SYSID's. Below is a complete list of SYSID's:  

*SYSID's available in Online Reporting to Maintain Users.


The Legislative Auditor's Office requires agencies to print or save the following reports for at least three years or until audited, whichever is longer: 

A-444510​Labor Distribution Register - Agency Detail
AU444905​Payroll Register
AU444941​Employee Leave Balances
​Payroll Employees Not Paid


If there is a SYSID or report that you cannot currently access but would like to, please contact your Agency Maintain User.