​Add an Auditor


Each agency’s Payment Services administrator can add an auditor to Payment Services, which gives them access to Processed Invoice section of Payment Services. This allows an auditor to log on to Payment Services and view invoices, attachments, and generate reports of invoices that have been “Sent to STARS”. Auditors will not have access to any other part of Payment Services.

Add an Auditor to Payment Services

1. On theAdministration screen, User Maint tab,click Find New User.

Figure 1 - Find New User

User Maintenance screen with Find New User button highlighted and user lookup window shown

2. Type the last name of the new user in the Last Name field. (You can type the first few letters of a user’s name if you are not sure exactly how it is spelled.)

3. Enter their agency number in the Agency field. (You are adding a user from another agency.)

4. Click Find.

5. Once the user is found, select the Active Payment Services User and the Auditor check boxes. An auditor will have only Processed Invoice as a menu selection. Do not set up a user as an auditor and some other role because they will have only Processed Invoice as a menu selection.

Figure 2 - New User roles

User maintenence screen with various settings shown 

6. Click Add User.