Agency Settings​


The Payment Services administrator is responsible for Agency maintenance and User Maintenance.

Agency maintenance includes being able to:

  • Create the approval levels seen in the Payment Services screens
  • Enable or disable E-mail notification
  • Enable or disable automatic authorization of invoices
  • Set the default tab for the Invoice menu
  • Require a Document Number to be entered manually on the Invoice
  • Set up the Agency section first, so that you can assign users to approval levels.

Agency Maintenance

Click the Agency tab to maintain various features of the application that will be specific to your agency, such as the names and number of the approval levels, e-mail notification, etc. (If you make changes to the Agency, it may help to stop entering invoices and approve all existing invoices first.)

Figure 1 - Agency maintenance

Agency screen with various settings shown 

1. In the Approval Level field, enter the number of approval levels needed by your agency . Up to five levels can be created.

2. In the Header section, type Header names for the approval levels. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &,',“,<,and \. These will be the names of the approval levels that you will see on the Approval and Administration User Maint screens. These will also be the names of the column headers for each approval level on the Multi Proc screen.

3. Select Appr by Dtl Line if you need to enable individual approval check boxes on the Approval screen for each line item. This gives the Approver more flexibility to approve items.

  • NOTE: On the Approve and Multi Proc screens, check boxes to approve invoices will be unavailable if (1) an Approver is assigned a PCA/Index approval on the User Maintenance screenand (2) the approval level has been assigned ‘detail line approval’.

4. To enable email notification, checkthe Email Notification check box. This sets an e-mail notification dialogue box to automatically pop up on other screens of the application when some action is saved (cost distribution, approvals, etc.) which allows users to send e-mail messages regarding the cost distribution, approvals, etc., to other application users. Uncheck it if you do not need email notifications.

5. Check the Auto Authorize Invoices check box if you want invoices automatically authorized when they are saved on the Invoice screen. A few agencies will uncheck this box because they wantusersto authorize invoices before the invoices are available on the Distribute screen.

6. Select the Default Tab to set which screen opens when users select the Invoice menu.

7. Click Update to save the changes.