Find a List of All Templates​

​Although there is no report to get a list of Payment Services templates, you can use the following steps:

1. Select Template Maintenance from the Payment Services main menu.

2. Click the asterisk next to Template Name to use the Template Look Up.

Figure 1 - Template look up

the template name field asterisk highlighted and a list of templates shown

3. To find a list of all templates, leave the search criteria blank, check the Show Details check box next to the Find button, and then click Find.

4. In the list of templates, use your cursor to highlight the entire list of templates (include all of the cells in the table).

 Figure 2 - Highlight table

a list of templates highlighted 

5. Press Ctrl+C to copy the list.

6. The list is copied as a table. Paste the contents into Notepad, MS Excel, or similar software.