Find Vendors Who Can Receive EFT Payments​

​On the Invoice screen, you can search for a vendor by clicking the asterisk (*) next to the Vendor # field.

Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the vendor lookup dialog box in order to see the Prenote Indicator field. The Prenote Indicator of ‘Y’ means that this specific vendor number receives EFT payments from the State.

Figure 1 - Prenote Indicator

the vendor look up window with the prenote indicator highlighted 

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allows a payment to be electronically deposited in a vendor’s checking or savings account. If your agency and vendor wants to send/receive payments by EFT, the vendor must send these required forms to the agency, who then must forward them to the State Controller’s Office (SCO):

  • Combined Substitute W9/EFT Direct Deposit form.
  • A voided check (not a deposit slip) or financial institution verification for a checking account.

The payment method is then set up in the STARS Vendor Edit Table (S021). Once the vendor’s account information and Prenote Indicator are entered, the STARS nightly batch processing will create a zero dollar EFT transaction (called a Prenote) and automatically change the Prenote Indicator on the Vendor Edit Table (SO21) from ‘P’ (Data Entry Prenote) to ‘S’ (Prenote Sent to the Financial institution).

 The Prenote process takes three days. Until the Prenote process is complete, all payments to the vendor are sent by paper warrant. After the three-day period, the Prenote Indicator  on the Vendor Edit Table (SO21) will automatically change from ‘S’ (Prenote Sent to Financial institution) to ‘Y’ (EFT in Place).