Group Maintenance

Only Payment Services Administrators will be able to add, update existing group names and delete existing groups.

Group is an optional tag to help categorize the invoices so users can search for them on the Status screen, or to create categorized reports. A Group name is useful, for example, if your agency has some approvers are responsible for approving only certain invoices, e.g., utilities. For these people, you could create a group called “Utilities”, and then those approvers can filter all invoices labeled “Utilities” on the Status screen.

1. On the Admininstration screen, click the Group Maint tab.

2. Type a name for the group and then click Add. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &,',“,<,and \.

  • Click Edit to edit a group name or Delete to delete a group.

Figure 1 - Group maintenance

Group Maintenance screen with three groups and an add field shown 

If you delete a group name, it will not be available for new invoices.

If a group name is on an invoice that is still in process, and you delete or change the group name, that invoice will process with the ‘old’ group name.

Once all invoices have been completely processed with deleted group names, the deleted groups will no longer be available from the Group drop down menu.

You can search Reports (for active invoices) by Group name, even you have deleted or changed the group name. If there is a group that has no active invoices associated with it, that group will not be available from the Group drop down menu.