Invalid Fiscal Codes and Fiscal Code Validation​


When entering fiscal coding, you may receive an “Error: Invalid PCA ‘XXXXX’” message. Other possible errors include “Invalid Expenditure Subobject”, “Invalid Project”, “Invalid Project”, “Valid Grant is required”, “Valid Project is required”, etc.

Figure 1 - Error message example

invalid index error message

Figure 2 - Invalid expenditure subobject example

Invalid expenditure subobject message 

Resolving Invalid Fiscal Code Errors

The best practice for an error on a fiscal code field marked with an asterisk is:

1. Place the cursor in the field, press F3,

2. Enter some search criteria, and then click Find. This should find only valid fiscal codes.

3. Click the fiscal code you want to use.


1. Check the BFY date of the transaction row to ensure that it is current for the PCA or Index that you have entered.

2. Also check the Invoice Date and Payment Date. A PCA that is not valid for the BFY, the invoice date, or payment date, will generate the error.

3. Change the BFY, the Invoice Date, or the Payment Date in Payment Services.

4. If the fiscal code that is in error has been created/entered in STARS the same day as the fiscal coding is being entered in Payment Services, it will error because the fiscal code won’t be available for Payment Services until STARS’ overnight IEU processing. Wait for a STARS overnight IEU to use the fiscal code in Payment Services.

5. If a fiscal code’s start date on the corresponding STARS Table is on the same day (or later) as when you are entering the fiscal coding or the Payment Date, an”Invalid” fiscal code error message would be displayed. Wait for a STARS overnight IEU to use the fiscal code in Payment Services.
6. Payment Services does not allow a Grant or Project number 999999 to be manually entered and will error if that number is used. Use the look up in Payment Services to select a valid Grant or Project.

Failed Final Validation Message or TC Validation Message

When enough distribution rows are created, Payment Services will create additional “pages”:
 Figure 3 - Multiple pages

multiple page numbers highlighted 

An error on one of the pages may cause a general “Failed Final Validation” or “TC Validation” error message. Invalid fiscal codes may not be highlighted, so you may need to review each page of fiscal coding to be sure the codes are correct.