Pay an Interagency Billing​


Although Payment Services cannot create an interagency billing to an agency, you can use Payment Services pay an interagency billing. An interagency billing to an agency has to be entered in STARS. Idaho Code 67-3516 describes the requirements for the interagency billing process. Generally, the process is:

1. The Billing Agency enters a transaction using TC 130 in STARS and sends an IAB form to the paying agency.

2. The Paying Agency enters a TC 240 or a TC 241 in Payment Services using the Current Document Number from the IAB form as the Invoice Number.

3. When the Payment Services transactions upload to STARS, STARS automatically generates a TC 170 for the billing agency.

  • STARS uses the Invoice Number as the Reference Document Number/Sfx.
  • STARS uses the Second Agency code to verify that the receivable and payment match.

Sometimes PERSI uses a TC 13P that “bills” an employee’s agency. The agency uses a TC 24P to pay PERSI. This TC cannot be used in Payment Services because it requires a PCN, which is not in Payment Services. The agency must enter this in STARS.

Pay an Interagency Billing

The billing agency send an IAB form to the paying agency. The form has the information that the paying agency enters in Payment Services. On the Payment Services Invoice screen, use the following fiscal coding, in addition to the information you normally enter:

1. Enter the billing agency’s Current Document Number and Suffix (with no spaces) in the Invoice # field. (This is also the Document Number on the Document File.)

2. In the Document # field, do not use the same number as the Invoice #.

After the invoice is created, saved, and authorized, enter the fiscal coding and cost distribution on the Distribute screen, ensuring that the following fields are completed:

1. For either transaction code (TC) 240 or 241, a subsidiary number in the Subs field indicating the agency you are paying.

2. For a TC 241, enter the Current Document Number that was used to set up the encumbrance in the Reference Document Number fields (Ref Doc and Sfx).

3. Enter the agency code of the billing agency in the SecA field.