The Status Screen​


The Status screen allows you to find and open invoices that have been entered into Payment Services. You can also sort the list of invoices, find invoices based on search criteria to help locate a particular invoice, and view the status of invoices. Also, you can use the Processed Invoice or the Report menu of Payment Services to find invoices that have been sent to STARS.

Once an invoice is found, it can be opened to finish the payment process, depending on its status and depending on your role and permissions granted by your Payment Services administrator.

Status Screen View

There are two parts of the Status screen:

  1. A search criteria area with various fields in which you can select or enter information, and then find particular invoices.
  2. A list of invoices. By default the list is sorted by vendor name, alphabetically.

A long list of invoices will generate “pages” and there will be page numbers at the bottom of the list.

Figure 1 - Status


Invoices with a Payment Request Date (PmtReqDate) older than the current date are highlighted in red. PmtReqDate will reflect the either the Payment Date on the Invoice screen or Payment Request Date on the final Approval screen.

In addition, the “Today’s Batch Number” is displayed at the top of the Payment Services page. When invoice payments are approved and released from Payment Services, they will be automatically assigned this batch number (this applies to all invoice payments released that day). 

Figure 2 - Batch number


Sort the Invoice List

Click any of the column headers to sort the invoice list in ascending or descending order. For example, click Invoice # to sort the list by invoice numbers or click Total Amount to sort the list by the amounts.

A long list of invoices will generate “pages” and there will be page numbers at the bottom of the list.

Search for Invoices

The default view of the Status screen includes past due invoices and invoices with the Payment Date Range set for “Next 30 Days”. You can find invoices by their Invoice #, Status, Vendor Name, Vendor Business, Acct, Doc, PO#, or Group. Other options include:

  • It is very helpful to use a percent sign (%) as a wildcard in name fields.
  • You can also use a specified date or date range: Invoice Date, Payment Date, and Payment Date Range. NOTE: Payment Date is the Payment Request Date as entered on the Invoice screen or on the final Approval screen.
  • To find invoices that have been sent to STARS, select Processed Invoices on the Payment Services main menu. You can also use the Invoice screen and the Invoice search, aka Look Up.

1. Select or enter the search criteria (Invoice Date, Status, Vendor Name, etc.).

2. Click Find.

3. If necessary, click Reset to reset the search criteria to the defaults.

Figure 3 – Search criteria


4. If desired, use a percent sign (%) as a wildcard in name fields.

Figure 4 - Using the percent sign wildcard


Select and Open an Invoice

Once you have located an invoice, click Select to open it and complete the process indicated in the Status column. If you do not have appropriate permissions to open a document, a message will be displayed stating so.

Figure 5 – Links to open an invoice


Invoices that have been released, but are still on the Status screen are likely to have a Payment Request Date that has not been reached, or the Payment Request Date is the current date and those invoices are not sent to STARS until the end of the business day.

Viewing Scanned Attachments

If a scanned invoice or other document has been attached, you can view it from the Status screen:

1. Click on the document icon in the Atch column. This will open the Attachments screen in Payment Services. (You could also click Select next to an invoice on the Status screen, and then click the Attachments tab.)

Figure 6 - Scanned attachments icon

2. Click View to view the attached document.

Figure 7 - View scanned documents


3. To go back to the Status screen, click the Status tab.