​​​Undo Approval, Cancel a STARS Upload, or Delete an Invoice​

If an invoice or its fiscal coding needs to be changed, an approver can 'undo the approval' so it can be updated. Approvers cannot change fiscal coding, vendor number, or cost distribution directly on the Approval screen.

To make changes to an invoice, an Approver must click Undo Approval on the Approval screen. The approver then selects a ‘status' to set the invoice to.

Unapprove an Invoice

First, identify the invoice status. Look for invoices with a Status corresponding to the approval level in which you are working. (Each agency will uniquely name their approval levels.)

1. Select an invoice from the Status screen.

  • The Status would be Awaiting *Name of Approval Level*.
  • To stop an invoice from being uploaded to STARS, look for a status of Released​. You must unapprove it before 6:30 PM MST of the business day.

2. Click the Undo Approval button.

  • If your agency has enabled Approve by Detail Line for the approval level at which you are 'unapproving', you can select individual line items to unapprove (see below).

3. Select the ‘status' to at which to save the invoice, and then click Save. In effect, this 'sends' the invoice to a particular level and determines the screen that the invoice would be opened in and changed. The selections are:

  • Awaiting Authorization - sends the invoice to the Invoice screen, where the invoice can be changed. The Invoice screen is the first step in Payment Services. Therefore the corresponding first status is called Awaiting Authorization. (All invoices are authorized, and most agencies have this set automatically, so you may not have seen this status before.) After it is authorized, it will be ready to complete fiscal coding.
  • Awaiting Cost Distribution -  sends the invoice to the Distribute screen, where the fiscal coding can be changed. After fiscal coding, it will be ready for approval.
  •  A previous approval level - sends the invoice to the Approval screen, often for a different approver if you have several people assigend as approvers

4. Click Save.

Figure 1 - Set Status

 the undo approval pop up window

5. If e-mail notification has been enabled by your Payment Services administrator, an e-mail dialogue box will appear after undoing the approval and saving the status. Use it to send an e-mail to the next level approver(s) or click Send Email Notification to display the e-mail dialogue box.

Unapprove an Individual Line

If your agency has enabled Approve by Detail Line for the approval level at which you are 'unapproving', you can select individual line items to unpprove.​ However, if the invoice has been released, you must unapprove the entire invoice.

To undo an approval on just one line item that has been approved, uncheck the check box next to the line item, and then click Save & Continue or Save & Clear. (Do not click the Undo Approval button.)

Delete an Invoice

1. Select an invoice from the Status screen.

  • The Status would be Awaiting Name of Approval Level. To delete an invoice before the upload to STARS (6:30 PM MST of the business day), the invoice status would be Released.

2. Click the Delete button.

 Figure 2 - Delete button

the delete button confirmation message