Use a Template for Fiscal Coding


A template is a preset cost distribution with the basic fiscal codes defined and the costs distributed by percent or by amount. A percentage-based template will automatically calculate individual line amounts from the Invoice total amount, and then you can enter the remaining fiscal coding.

The Payment Services administrator assigns users permission to create or edit templates.

Apply a Template on the Distribute Screen

1. From the Payment Services main menu, click Invoice.

2. Click Select next to an invoice on the Status screen. (The status of the invoice should be “Awaiting Cost Distribution” or “Cost Distribution in Progress”.)

3. On the Distribute screen, click Del next to the row or click the Clear All Distribution button. (The template will add new rows when it is applied.)

Figure 1 - Original row

the delete link highlighted on a transaction row 

4. Click the asterisk next to Template to search for a template.

5. In the Template look up:

  • Leave the search criteria blank, and then click Find to a display list of all templates.
  • Type the exact name (case insensitive) of the template in the Name field, and then click Find.
  • Select the type of template or use any combination of search criteria, and then click Find.

6. Click Select next to the template you want to use.

 Figure 2 - Search for a template

 the template asterisk highlighted and various template search criteria shown

7. In the Template Amt field, enter all or part of the total invoice amount that you want the template applied to.

Figure 2 - Template Amount

 the template amount field and the apply button highlighted

8. Click Apply. (Note the Total Amt and Distributed Amt in the invoice details. The Distribute Cost Complete button will not be available until those amounts match.

Figure 3 - Template applied

 several transaction rows shown

9. Modify the fiscal coding as needed.

  • Since the TC is a required field, entering a PCA/Index without a TC will not look up other fiscal codes. And if the TC is invlaid, no other fiscal codes will be checked for validation.
  • If the TC requires an encumbrance number, search for or enter it in the RefDoc field.
  • Dollar amounts will be rounded when using templates based on percentages and, therefore, would need to be modified if the Distributed amount differs from the Total amount.)
  • If the PCA or Index looks up the Budget Unit, Fund, and Fund Detail, do not manually change them.
  • If after a applying a template, the PCA does not look up and enter the Budget Unit and Fund but it should have, click Clear All Distribution, and then apply the template again.

10. If you are using a template for U.S. Bank P-Card payments, the Invoice Description must begin with your agency’s unique 16-digit account number. The remaining 14 characters can be descriptive information.

11. If you have applied the template to only part of the invoice amount, add rows to complete the fiscal coding. The Distribute Cost Complete button will not be available until the total amount and distributed amount match.

12 Check the Perform STARS Lookup checkbox if you want to display the balances of Encumbrance funds for encumbered invoices or the Cash Control file for cash balances when the fiscal coding is saved.

13. When finished with fiscal coding, click Save & Continue or Save & Clear.

  • Save & Continue saves the distribution you have entered and keeps it displayed on screen.
  • Save & Clear will save the data you have entered, close the Distribute screen, and then automatically open the Invoice screen.
  • If you want to clear your data entry and start over, click Clear All Distribution and re-appply the template.