Payroll Processing - I-Time

When the Payroll Processing button is pressed, the Central Payroll Officer (CPO) will get a payroll authorization form that displays:
  • Verbiage certifying time sheet accuracy per Idaho Code 67-2012
  • Pay period, number of batches and hours to be uploaded
  • Warning information about employees without time sheets and uncompleted time sheets
When the 'Submit' button is pressed, the CPO is certifying that the time entered is accurate and correct.        

After the submit button is pressed, the CPO's name and date are added to the authorization form. (shown in the image below)

Send Emails
Send Emails is an option on the Payroll Authorization Form that allows a CPO to send an e-mail to employees who have not completed a time sheet, Approvers who have not taken action on an employee's time sheet or Reviewers and Time Entry Assistants (TEAs) with time sheets that require their attention.  This process is used when a CPO is verifying the last few time sheets that may need attention.
Note: The ‘Send Emails’ selection will not be displayed if there are no outstanding time sheets. The Department of Transportation, Agency 290 does not utilize the ‘Send Emails’ option.
If the time sheet and the employee's I-Time profile is marked for no time, an e-mail notify will not be sent.
Note: This process uses a considerable amount of processing resources, therefore it should not replace the use of the reporting verification, but in conjunction with the Uncompleted/Not Processed Report.
The e-mail notify process will happen only when the Send Emails button is pressed.

When the 'Send Emails' option is used, e-mails will automatically be sent to the users indicated with the radio buttons, this e-mail is very generic, regardless of which option is checked.

For verification, a screen similar to the one shown below will be displayed.

Payroll Information
Time sheets will not be locked to other users until the CPO presses the 'Submit' button. 
When processing payroll, the CPO will be able to add comments to the authorization and will select with a radio button if the upload is final, or a correction before they press the submit button.  Comments will only be saved if the submit button is pressed.  The ‘Final’ button should be used when all time sheets are ready to be sent.  The ‘Correction’ button is used after time sheets have been sent and additional time sheets need to be sent.  The correction button can be used for corrected time sheets or missed time sheets that were initially not sent.
Verifying Time Sheets 
Before the CPO processes payroll, there are a number of reports that can be used to determine; completed time sheets, time sheets with no signatures and uncompleted time sheets. 
Please see Reporting to see detailed information displayed in each report.
Note:  There is a brief period of time after the 'Submit' has been pressed by a CPO that the agency will be locked to new time sheet actions.  Actions that were started prior to the 'Submit' can be completed.  An example, the approver is in the review when the CPO does a 'Submit', since they are already in this action they can approve one time sheet.  Other time sheets that are awaiting approval will be locked.  This process happens very quickly and probably will go unnoticed. The message you will receive when the agency is locked will say "Agency ### is currently locked by XXXX XXXX".
Batch Numbers - each time sheet will be assigned a batch number during the upload process for each agency on every payroll - they will not be issued to the employee or displayed on their profile.  Batch numbers will be displayed on the Archive Time Sheets and the Total Time Report after the time sheet has been uploaded.  The batch number will remain with the time sheet through the payroll process.  When the time sheet is retrieved for a correction and submitted again as a corrected payroll, it will keep its original batch number.
The time sheets that are 'marked for no time' will be deleted when the payroll processing is done for that pay period.