Security Form Overview

 Purpose:  To grant security access to SCO applications, and to view what security access employees currently have.


Form Located: Applications/Online Logon/Security Access Request

Note: The application menu password will need to be recertified before logging in to the Web Site and the Security Access Request page. 


Once a user has logged in they will see the following options:


New Security Request-Select to request access for an employee who does not currently have any security access to SCO systems.

Note: Do not create a new security request for an employee who currently has security access to an SCO system. 


The security request is separated into 4 categories. For more information on each category please select the links below.


View Security Access for Active and Pending Requests-

Select this option:

  • To view a list of the employees in your agency who currently have security access to SCO systems.  
  • Make changes to currently employees security access
  • Terminate or delete access for a user

View Prior Security Access for Terminated Employees-

Select this option:

  • To view a list of terminated employees who previously had access to SCO security systems. 
Note: Once an employee has been marked as "Terminated" their security requests will only show in this view.


Follow the link on the right side of the page under Help & Support for questions regarding this process.


Security Form Statuses

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