Self-Service Actions

Purpose: ​Self-Service Actions allow you to update your own personnel record.


  • Your agency determines which actions are available to you.  Except the Employee Secondary Email and Donate Leave actions which are viewable by current employees. If you do not see Direct Deposit, Employee Information/Address, or Employee Voluntary Deductions actions in your Self-Service, contact your payroll office.
  • If you terminate, you will no longer have access to any Self-Service Actions.  Except the Employee Secondary Email action.
  • Employees at Boise State University, Idaho State University, and University of Idaho do not have access to Self-Service.      

For information and/or assistance filling out each action, please select one of the following:

Direct Deposit

To learn about how to establish, revise, or delete your direct deposit account information, click here for additional information about Direct Deposit

Donate Leave

For additional information on donating leave or how to fill out the Donate Leave form click here.

Employee Secondary Email

For instructions on how to add or update your secondary email address click here.

Employee Information/Address

For assistance changing/updating your home address, click here for additional information about Employee Information/Address

Employee Voluntary Deductions

To learn about how to establish or update your voluntary deductions, click here for additional information about Employee Voluntary Deductions

FSA Enrollment Application

The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Enrollment Application action is used to establish contributions into a Medical and/or Dependent Care Reimbursement Account.

  • Employees must be eligible to enroll in the State's medical plan to qualify for FSA Enrollment.
  • Employees may enroll in one or both plans
    • Medical Reimbursement Account = Reimburses out-of-pocket medical costs not covered by your insurance plan.
    • Dependent Care Account = Reimburses the cost of dependent care when you or your spouse work or attend school.

Visit Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Enrollment Application if you:

  • Are a new hire or rehire
  • Transferred agencies
  • Have become eligible to enroll in a FSA plan during the year
    • Note:You have 30 days to complete and submit your application, otherwise you must wait until the next Open Enrollment period.
  • Have had an FSA plan and are re-enrolling during the Open Enrollment period for the next fiscal year.
  • Need to make a change to your current FSA plan due to a qualifying event.

All FSA deductions are automatically ended after the last pay period in June. A new FSA application must be completed each year during the annual Open Enrollment period.

To make a change to your FSA plan outside the Open Enrollment period or for additional information, please contact the Office of Group Insurance

Medical and Dental Enrollment Application

The Medical and Dental Enrollment Application action is used to establish or change your insurance coverage.

  • Eligible employees can enroll in or decline medical coverage for themselves or dependents at any time. 
  • Effective dates for coverage changes are based on application submission dates.
  • Annual open enrollment is the only time that employees may switch medical plans, change their Premium-Only Plan elections, or add previously declined dependent dental coverage.
  • Eligible employees can decline dependent dental coverage at any time.

Visit Medical and Dental Enrollment Application - New Enrollee or Transfer if you:

  • Are a new hire or rehire
  • Transferred agencies
    • Note: If you are an existing employee transferring employment from one agency to another, you MUST re-enroll for all coverages. As part of your re-enrollment due to transferring, you may not change your benefit elections or elect previously declined coverages.

Visit Medical and Dental Enrollment Application - Change if you have an existing Medical and Dental plan and want to:

  • Change your dependent coverage due to a qualifying event
  • Add/Delete dependent coverage without a qualifying event
  • Decline coverage

Visit Medical and Dental Enrollment Application - Open Enrollment if it is Open Enrollment and you want to:

  • Enroll in a plan
  • Change your plan without a qualifying event
  • Add/Delete dependent coverage
  • Decline coverage 

Reviewing or Deleting Self-Service Documents - My Self-Service 

If you would like to review or delete any Self-Service documents after they have been created, click on Views and select the appropriate document.


All Self-Service documents, from those saved in 'Draft' status through those in 'Archived' status, are available to you in the 'My Self-Service' View.

  • Documents can be sorted by 'Action', 'Effective/Pay Date', or 'Status'.
  • By clicking 'Refresh Current View' or 'My Self-Service', the documents will return to the default view (unsort your changes).
  • Hover your mouse over a row to highlight an action and then click on that highlighted row to open the form.

For a description of the different status, please visit the IPOPS Statuses page.

Note: Document status - 'Declined'

If OGI reviews your Medical and Dental Enrollment Application and declines it, they must add a comment. 


Self Service Actions