Social Security Number Verification

This policy is intended as verification of Social Security information for payroll purposes only. This is not a verification of citizenship.
Name does not match; date of birth not checked
         Division of Statewide Payroll (DSP) Group will send the action back to the originator with comments.  DSP will not approve the action until information has been corrected and resubmitted through the approval process.
►     EXCEPTION       Temporary 9-digit identification numbers for college and universities approved foreign student (F-1).   DSP will approve the document.
Note       An F-1 student can be issued a Social Security Number (SSN) as long as the institution confirms that the student is authorized to work on campus according to IRS regulations and has started, or will soon start, working.  Generally, it takes about 30 days to issue the SSN for an F-1 student (special circumstances may require additional time).  The Social Security Administration (SSA) must verify each student’s admission with the Department of Homeland Security. 
After 30 days (the general time required to issue the SSN), DSP will automatically resubmit the F-1 student’s information for verification with SSA’s records and notify the agency of the results.
Example    College/University student begins working on campus in compliance with IRS regulations.  The student will need to be on Employee Information System to receive pay for work performed.  The University will enter IPOPS action with a fictitious SSN (fictitious numbers must begin with the range 800-999 only).  DSP will call agency to verify F-1 student status.  DSP will approve F-1 student document without SSA verification.  The student will immediately apply for the SSN.  When issued, the student will provide official SSN to agency who will initiate SSN change through IPOPS.
         Reference articles         Publication 15
                                               The Inspector General - Management Advisory Report
                                               International Students And Social Security Numbers
Name matches; date of birth does not match
         DSP will send the action back to the originator with comments.  The action will not be approved until information has been corrected.
The Division of Statewide Payroll Accounting Group will review records annually in November when the entire SCO database is checked against SSA records.