State of Idaho Online Form W-2 Terms of Use

The Internal Revenue Code allows Form W-2 (W-2) to be furnished in an electronic format as long as the State of Idaho (State) meets certain requirements (Treas Reg 31.6051-1). By meeting these requirements, the State is considered to have furnished your Form W-2 to you, the recipient, in a timely manner.
I.    You must electronically consent to receive your Form W-2 over the Internet.
A. You must electronically consent in a manner that lets t​he State know you can access your Form W-2 in the electronic format.
B. If you decide to cancel your registration, you will be given a date that you must withdraw consent by to be assured of receiving a paper copy of your Form W-2.
C. Once you cancel your registration, your Form W-2 will only be issued on paper through the U.S. Mail until you once again register.
II.    If for some reason, the State changes the Form W-2 process in such a significant way that you need new hardware or software to access your Form W-2 over the Internet, the State will notify you through your paying agency. If this type of change occurs, you will be required to again register once you install the new hardware and/or software. Should that happen, the State will tell you exactly what you must do to again register.
Required Disclosures
I.    If you do not register to receive your Form W-2 electronically, your Form W-2 will be sent to you on paper through the U.S. Mail postmarked on or before January 31st.
II.    Once you register for that first tax year, you never have to register again unless there is some major change that the State will tell you about or unless you decide to cancel your registration by withdrawing consent.
You may withdraw consent at any time.  To withdraw consent, you must choose 'Remove Consent' once you are in the online Form W-2 and follow the corresponding instructions.
If you choose to withdraw your consent through the U. S. Mail, you must allow 15 days from the date of the postmark for this to become effective.
The request must be mailed to the following.
State Controller's Office
Attn: W-2 Request
P.O. Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0011
Please note: You cannot cancel your registration by fax, e-mail or by telephone. Questions may, however, be directed to the Division of Statewide Payroll (208) 334-3100, option 2.
III.    Once you have registered, if you decide you need a paper Form W-2, you may request one by completing a State of Idaho Duplicate W-2 Request form. You will be charged $5.00 for the paper copy of this form. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to download this form. Please allow 15 days from the date postmarked for your request to be processed.
The form and fee must be mailed to the following address.
State Controller's Office
Attn: W-2 Request
P.O. Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0011
IV.    If you leave the employment of the State of Idaho, and you have consented to receive your W-2 electronically, you will be able to access your Form W-2 for one full calendar year after termination.  You will need to select "Withdraw Consent" to receive a paper copy through the U.S. Mail.
If the State otherwise decides it is in your or the State’s best interest to terminate your online access to your W-2s, you will be informed of these reasons in writing via the U.S. Mail.
V.    It is your responsibility to keep your agency’s personnel office aware of any changes to your name and your mailing address. This can be done by contacting your agency’s personnel office OR through Employee Self-Service on IPOPS. If you fail to update your name and mailing address and the IRS issues a penalty to the State for this mismatch, the penalty may be passed on to you.
VI.    The only hardware you need to access your Form W-2 online is a PC with a connection to a printer that has access to the Internet.
Your Form W-2 will be posted online no later than midnight, January 31st. The Form W-2 for the prior tax year will remain available online to you until you (a) cancel your registration; (b) until you terminate from state employment; (c) the State otherwise terminates your online access and so notifies you; or (d) after four additional tax years have passed.
REMEMBER - You will need to print enough copies of your Form W-2 to file with your State and Federal tax returns, as well as a copy for your personal records.
Your electronic Form W-2 contains the same information as a Form W-2 printed on paper and sent to you through the U.S. Mail.
The State will post your W-2 on the Web on or before midnight of January 31st for the prior tax year. The State actually believes your W-2 will be posted much sooner than that date, and, if it is, you will be notified by your agency’s personnel department.
When your W-2 has been posted to the Internet, the Division of Statewide Payroll will notify your agency’s personnel office via e-mail, which will then notify you through their notification process.
Corrected W-2s
If a problem is found by the State after your W-2 has been issued OR if you report a problem with your Form W-2, the State will issue a Corrected Form W-2 (W-2c). The W-2c will be mailed to you not later than 15 days after the problem was reported.
If the State determines there is a problem with your W-2, you will be notified of this problem by your agency’s payroll office.
If you determine there is a problem with your W-2, you must notify your agency’s payroll office of the problem. Your agency’s payroll office will contact the Division of Statewide Payroll.
The State keeps the current year W-2 information plus four prior years.