​Legacy Statewide Accounting System​

Documentation for the Adjustments application. Topics include entering adjustment transactions, reports, and more.
Documentation for the Budgetary application. Topics include administration, entering appropriations, allocations, budgets, and more.
Cash Receipts
Documentation for the Cash Receipts application. Topics incude administration, entering deposits and documents, and reports, and more. 
Documentation of the State Purchase Card application. Topics include administratiion, verifying and approving transactions, reconciling your bank statement, and more. 
Payment Services
Documentation for the Payment Services application. Topics include administration, entering invloices, fiscal coding, approving payments, and reports.
Documentation for the Purchasing application. Topics include administration, creating request and purchase orders, completing approvals, and reports. 
Recurring Payments
User manual and documentation for the Recurring Payments function of Payment Services application.
Travel Express
Documentation for the Travel Express application. Topics include administration, creating requests and vouchers, approving vouchers, and more.
Vendor Maintenance
User manual and documentation for the Vendor Maintenance application,including the Combined Substitute W-9, Direct Deposit, Remittance Advice Authorization form.