​Statewide Leave Policy

Employee sick and vacation balances are statewide leave balances.  Employees working for more than one agency/department will accrue leave from each agency through payroll and the statewide balance will be a combination of all hours accrued from all agencies/departments.

Sick and vacation leave are transferrable from department to department:

  • Vacation leave:
    • Transferrable from department to department as long as there is no break in service. 
    • Upon separation of state employment (separation from all positions with all agencies/departments), employees shall receive a lump sum payment for unused vacation leave.
  • Sick leave:
    • Transferrable from department to department.
    • Balance is reinstated if employee is rehired within 3 years of their separation date.

Self-governing agencies fall under the definition of "department" and leave should be transferred to or from as applicable.

If an employee has previously worked for a state department and is being hired/or leaving a self-governing agency that is not on the State Controller's Office payroll system, both agencies/departments involved should fill out the 'Acceptance of Credited State Service and Leave Hours' form.  The form should be signed by both departments and kept on file in the employee's personnel record at both.

The agency on the SCO payroll system should submit a 'Personnel Remarks' form in IPOPS to add or remove credited state service, vacation and sick leave hours, as applicable.


Idaho Code References:

67-5333 (1) (a): Classified employees, sick leave.

59-1605 (1): Non-classified employees, sick leave.

67-5334 (2) (c): Classified employees, vacation leave.

59-1606 (1): Non-classified employees, vacation leave.

67-5332:  Classified employees, credited state service.

59-1604: Non-classified employees, credited state service.

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