Unsigned Time Sheets

If a time sheet or several time sheets are submitted on an employee's behalf, without their signature or had time changed, the next time they log on after payroll has been processed, a 'Time Sheet Notification' will be displayed.  The time sheet notification is to ensure the employee is aware that a time sheet had processed without their signature, not an agreement to what is submitted.  Employees should still review their timesheet and communicate with their Central Payroll Officer or Approver regarding any corrections needed.
To open and sign an unsigned time sheet, click the Pay Period link or press 'Sign ALL Time Sheets' without opening the time sheet.

If the employee chooses to open and sign their time sheet, the following options will be displayed at the top of the unsigned time sheet.
- Print unsigned Time Sheet
- Return to Selection Screen without signing
- Sign Time Sheet


If the employee chooses to sign all unsigned time sheets, the following message is displayed.


Click OK and the following confirmation will be displayed.
Once the time sheets from the current archive are signed, any additional unsigned time sheets from the prior six month archive must be signed.  An employee will receive a new 'Time Sheet Notification' showing the additional unsigned time sheets.  Time sheets can either be approved individually or the 'Sign ALL Time Sheets' option can be selected. 

When 'Sign ALL Time Sheets' is used, the following message will be received.
If an employee works at more than one agency and has an unsigned time sheet, only one notification to sign their time sheet will be received from the agency with the unsigned time sheet. 
An employee with an unsigned time sheet that has separated from an agency will be prompted to sign their time sheet if they are rehired to that agency and the time sheet is within the current or prior six month CY archive. 
The I-Time application searches for unsigned time sheets based on the employee's SSN and agency.
If the time sheet is from a prior six month CY archive (July - Dec), and the time sheet is signed in the next six month period (Jan - June), the message will be displayed as shown below.