View Authorizations

When 'View Authorizations' is selected, a screen similar to the one shown below will be displayed.
Select Pay Period:  Only one pay period can be selected at a time.  The authorization form defaults to the current pay period. However, any pay period can be selected. Information can be retireved from the current and prior six month archive. 
The following information will be displayed for authorizations for the pay period selected: Pay period, agency, create date, and status.
Note:  If the status displays as 'Awaiting Release' the create date will reflect when the payroll was submitted.  If the status displays as 'Archived' the create date will reflect when payroll was uploaded by the State Controller's office.
The available authorizations will be displayed by pay period.
Click on the pay period number to open the payroll Authorization Form.
That authorization form will be displayed with top and bottom navigation buttons and options to cancel or print.
The authorization form will display the pay period number, pay period end date, number of batches that were submitted, number of employees and total hours submitted.
Note: The number of employees can be different from the number of batches if an employee has time sheets processing for multiple positions.