Approve a Document​


The approver(s) select a document from the Status screen, review the fiscal coding, review or add any scanned attachments, and then approve the document. The Batch # will be automatically assigned and is displayed at the top of the screen. Transactions with the transaction code of 27B, 10R, or 10P require Division of Financial Management (DFM) approval. The State Treasurer’s Office will release the document to STARS when it is finally approved, or return it to the agency.

Approve a Cash Receipts Document

1. On the Status tab in the Documents section, click Select next to a document number.

  • The Approval screen will open. An icon in the Atch column indicates there are attached documents to review.

Figure 1 - Example of a Select link


2. To search for documents:

a. Select a Status or enter search criteria (e.g., Document #, Tran Code, etc.).

b. Click Find.

3. The document details and the distribution grid will be displayed on the Approval screen. To view the deposit, click Preview Deposit.

Figure 2 - Approval screen example


4. To view more information about the fiscal coding of a document, check the ‘title check box’ for a fiscal code to display its descriptive title. For example, check PCA Title to display the title of the PCA code. Uncheck a ‘title check box’ to hide its title.

Figure 3 - PCA title example


If there are attached documents to view, an asterisk will appear on Attachments tab. You can also add a new or additional attachment.

5. Click the Attachments tab.

6. Click View for each attachment to open a separate window.

7. When finished viewing the attachments, click the Approval tab.

8. When satisfied with the document, click the Approval button (the name of the actual button will be set up by your Cash Receipts administrator).

  • Click Undo Approval, select the approval level or distribution to which you want to return the document, and then click Save.
  • Click View History to view the approval history of the document.

When the final agency approval level is complete, the document will have a status of either Awaiting STO Release or Awaiting DFM Release and no more Approval buttons will be displayed. NOTE: Transaction codes 027, 10R, and 10P require DFM approval.

Figure 4 - Awaiting STO Release example


If the deposit is to be taken to STO, click Preview Deposit and print two copies of the deposit. Take both copies to STO with your deposit. If depositing via an EFT, save the Preview Deposit PDF and send it to STO will process and release the deposit. A copy of the deposit is then made available for the agency to pick up at STO, or will be mailed to the agency through the statehouse mail.

How Cash Receipts Assigns Batch Numbers

Cash Receipts displays a batch number of the document on the Approval screen. This batch number will be automatically assigned when the document is ‘final approved’ by the agency and sent to DFM or STO for release. If DFM or STO returns the document to agency, it will get a new batch number when it is sent back to DFM or STO and released.

Figure 5 - Eaxmple of batch number to be assigned


After a Cash Receipts document is assigned a batch number, it will be displayed in the Batch No column on the Status screen. It will also be on the Preview Deposit PDF that the agency prints and sends to STO.

Figure 6 - Current batch number assigned example


  • Each document sent to DFM or STO will be automatically assigned a unique batch number (a different batch number for each document).
  • If DFM or STO returns the document to the agency, the agency will make the corrections and resend it to DFM or STO for release, and the document will get a new, different batch number.
  • A document created by an agency is kept track of separately from a document created by STO for an agency, but the same batch number rules apply to a document created by STO for an agency.