Deposits Returned By the STO or DFM

Any deposits that have been returned by the Treasurer’s office (STO) or Division of Financial Management (DFM) for changes will generate an e-mail notification to whoever released it at the agency. The returned deposit will appear in the Status screen with the status Returned by STO or Returned by DFM.

When the agency makes corrections and sends the transaction back to STO, the transaction will get a new batch number when it is released by STO.

1. Click Select next to a deposit that has a status Returned by STO or Returned by DFM. The document will open on the Approval screen.

Figure 1 - Example of Returned by STO in the Status column


2. Click the red Notes button to read the notes from STO or DFM which should explain what you need to change on the deposit.

Figure 2 - Notes button example


3. If you need to change fiscal coding distribution:

  • Click Undo Approval.
  • On the pop-up dialog box, click select Awaiting Receipt Distribution and then click Save.
Figure 3 - Example of Undo Approval screen


 The Fiscal Coder can then:

  • Click the Distribute tab.
  • The Fiscal Coder makes whatever changes are needed to the fiscal coding or amounts. You can delete rows and add new ones, look up PCAs, subobjects, reference document numbers, etc.
  • When finished making changes, click Save Document.
  • Click Distribute Receipt Complete.

The Approver can then approve the document so it will be awaiting STO Release or DFM Release.

4. If the deposit is wrong, you cannot change the deposit itself. You need to delete the Cash Receipts document, void the deposit, and then enter the deposit correctly:

  • With the Deposit open, click Delete Document at the bottom of the document screen.
  • Click OK. This deletes the document - you then need to void the deposit.
  • Click the Deposit tab. The deposit corresponding to the document should be displayed. Otherwise, click the Status tab and the deposit will be displayed in the Deposits section. Click Select to open it.
  • With the deposit open, enter an explanation in the Reason for Voiding Deposit text box, and then click Void.
  • Enter the deposit correctly, create the Cash Receipts document, and approve it per your agency’s usual process.