Make a Change to a Deposit or Document

Once a deposit is saved or marked as “Deposit Complete", you cannot change it – you will have to void it and enter a new one.

If you have not yet created a document from the deposit:

1. Open the deposit, enter comments in the text box to explain why you voided the deposit, and then click Void.

2. Enter a new deposit with any corrections or additions.

3. Save the deposit and mark it as Deposit Complete.

4. Create a new Cash Receipts document from the deposit and continue.


To void a deposit after you have created a document and completed the fiscal coding, you must:

1. Unapprove the deposit document - click Undo Approval and set the document to “Awaiting Receipt Distribution”.

2. Select the document from the Status screen or on the Distribute screen delete the deposit document.

3. Select the Deposit from the Status screen and Void the deposit.

4. Enter a new deposit with your corrections, save it and mark the the Deposit Complete.

5. A new document can be created.


To change a document and its fiscal coding:

1 Open the document and click Undo Approval.

2. Set the document to “Awaiting Receipt Distribution”. The Fiscal Coder can then make coding changes and the document can be re-approved.