If an employee has access to a computer with Internet Explorer, then we believe that agencies should make every possible effort to have the employee enter their own time.  If an employee enters and submits a time sheet, an electronic signature with their name and agency code will be put into the signature fields.  By having the employee’s electronic signature on the time sheet this is stating that the hours submitted by the employee are correct and accurate.
Idaho Code 67-2012 directs the State Controller's Office to process payroll information and create payments to agency employees only after receiving authorization from the agency director ensuring the accuracy of the information.  The agency I-Time Central Payroll Officer (CPO) has been empowered by the head of the agency to submit such authorization on his/her behalf.  Therefore, the ultimate certification of accuracy comes from the CPO when time is submitted for payroll processing.
With the employee, supervisor, and Central Payroll Officer's electronic signature on the time sheet, they are fulfilling Idaho Code 67-2012, by certifying that the services were necessary in the public service, that they were actually rendered as charged.