​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Luma Finance Forms​​

This is a list of forms and worksheets that facilitate com​mon services and support from the Division of Statewide Accounting. Forms serve as a record of your request and ensures all requisite​ information for verification and processing is provided at the outset.

Note: Review the Division of Statewide Accounting's Signature Requirements to ensure proper form validation.


Cancel Warrant Form Instructions

Forged Warrant Affidavit

- The SCO will only accept form version  2/24 -

Form instructions are included on page 2. This form is subject to distinct signature requirements and heightened verification procedures. Allow 7-10 business days for request  processing:

  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form Signature Requirements - Click HERE
  • Fillable Form for Physical Signatures - Click HERE
  • Initial Vendor Setup​​ (​IRS Form W-9​) - Click H​ERE