MC - Misc-Update, Board of Examiner Approval

Board of Examiners Approval of Additional Leave or Overtime Pay


Purpose:  The 'MC' change reason requires Board of Examiner approval and is used:

  • To allow an exempt FLSA (A, I, P) employee to be paid for their exempt overtime as earned or to pay-off their exempt comp-time balance, or
  • To allow an employee to accrue vacation leave over the maximum allowed in Idaho Code.

The End Date must be entered and must be a pay period end date.

Note: To update the end date on a current 'MC' action, process another 'MC' change reason in IPOPS. 

(The new end date must have prior approval from the Board of Examiners)

Allow Exempt FLSA employee to either be paid for their exempt overtime as earned or to pay-off their exempt comp-time balance 

  • FLSA Code must be changed to = 'S'
  • Overtime Accrual Indicator may be changed to = 'N' (Do not accrue- pay overtime)

Allow an employee to accrue vacation leave or over the maximum allowed in Idaho Code

  • Leave Code must be changed from the current leave code to the corresponding Board of Examiners Leave Code.
Regular Employees​Executive Employees​Exempt FLSA Employees
​CA - CX​CG - CY​CP - CZ


Note: If an employee's Leave Code is updated by a CL (longevity increase) during a current 'MC' allowing additional leave to accrue, the Leave Code will include the milestone increase when the employee is returned to their regular Leave Code. 

Once the 'End Date' has been reached a 'MD' change reason will be generated through payroll.

If the 'MC' action needs to end earlier than the original end date, the agency must submit a 'MD' action through IPOPS.

Note: When processing a Separation/Termination, Transfer or Appointment Update while a 'MC' is in effect:

  • The 'MC' end date will be changed to reflect the separation/termination, transfer or position change date.


Required Fields:

  • End Date

Optional Fields:

  • FLSA Code
  • Leave Schedule
  • Overtime Accrual
  • RHH Accrual