MD - Misc Update - Return from Board of Examiners Approval

Purpose The 'MD' action is used to end a current 'MC - Misc-Update, Board of Examiner Approval'. 

For employees with 'MC' End Dates expiring in the current pay period, a 'MD' will be generated after payroll processes. 

The generated 'MD' will clear the 'MC' end date field with an asterisk (*) and change the following fields back to their previous codes:

  • Employee's FLSA Code
  • Employee's Overtime Indicator
  • Employee's Leave Code

Judicial and the Universities must submit a 'MD' action through IPOPS with an asterisk (*) in the 'End Date' field to end an 'MC' action, it is not generated.

If the 'MC' End Date needs to be updated, another 'MC' action should be created and approved again by the Board of Examiners
Report AU444937 is created each payroll.  It lists employees with current 'MC' actions and notifies agencies of 'MC' actions expiring in the current pay period.


Required Fields:

  • End Date  

Personnel Approval Cycle

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