Military State Active Duty Processing Procedures

Military will FTP Personnel and Payroll information for all new State Active Duty (SAD) employees through a secure file instead of entering all employees individually in IPOPS.  Personnel information will only need to be transmitted one time to hire the employees; while the Payroll information will need to be transmitted for each payroll the employees are being paid.
Military should transmit the personnel transmission bi-weekly on the Monday of the non payday week, the same week Military sends their payroll for their regular I-time/bi-weekly employees. Military may not transmit the payroll transmission until the following day the personnel file has been uploaded.
After transmitting their files, Military will fax a completed form EIS-147b form to DSP. EIS-147b will include the beginning and ending SSN’s for the personnel transmission and the payroll number, beginning/ending batch numbers, the number of employees to be paid, and  the total hours and dollars for their payroll transmission.  Files will overlay, so DSP will confirm pulling on the file prior to military sending any additional files.
Note: EIS-147b form can be found at Payroll/Personnel Forms.
Military’s personnel transmission should only include the following personnel change reasons:
AO – Original Appointment – New Employees
AX – Rehire – Former employees of State of Idaho (current pay status = terminated). Note: If employee is on the term file, they will need to be processed like an AO, but with the AX change reason (including name and address information).
Note: Change reasons other than 'AO' or 'AX' in Military's personnel transmission will reject and be reported on the AU443110 error report.
If a State Active Duty employee is currently active at Military, use an AA - Appt. Update or if active at another state agency, use AD - New Hire/Rehire.
SAD employees will be set up with Appointment Code Combo of NDT (Non-Classified, State Deployed, Temporary), Pay Group 01, Work Type PF, Rate Indicator D, Daily rate of Pay, Pay Period Hours 1.0, FTE .42, FLSA N, Leave code of VT, etc.  Military state active duty are eligible to be FICA exempt if they are called due to a natural disaster.
After DSP receives the personnel file and pulls it on, Military will review reports available in Online Reporting for necessary corrections.
·     AU443110: Military State Active Duty Error Report
·     IPR20-02: Database Maintenance Error Report
Military’s payroll file will be submitted bi-weekly on the Monday of the non-payroll week with a separate payroll batch for each employee.  State Active Duty employees are set up as daily rate, so they will use a lump amount with an earnings code of SAD.
After DSP receives the payroll file and pulls it on, military will review Online Reporting for necessary corrections.
  • B-444110: Batch Balance Error List