Surplus Property Overview

Surplus Property Overview


State Personal Surplus Property Policy and Procedures

Declare Surplus Property: Form used to declare all personal property that is of no further use to the agency, this electronic form can be used or through other advertisement.

Available Surplus Property: Site allows the public to view all available surplus property that has been declared through the Controller's website.

Dispose Surplus Property: Form used to dispose of all surplus property that has previously been declared or is exempt from declaration.

Current Disposal Items: Site lists all disposal forms that have been submitted, approved or are in draft status.

Completed Authorizations: List all Disposal Authorizations that have been approved by the Head of Agency. Used for auditing purposes.

Surplus Property Statuses and Retention of Documents

Declaration and Request for Disposal of State Administrative Facilities​: Form used to declare and dispose of state administrative facility real property that is no longer needed or is unsuitable for its purposes and is requesting custody and control be transferred to the State Board of Examiners to transfer authority for its disposition to the Department of Administration in accordance with Idaho Code 67-5709A. Form can be emailed to​


Surplus Property Administrator - Individual who has been granted access to create Surplus Property Declaration and Disposal Forms

Surplus Property Sign By Authority - Individual who has been granted access to approve on behalf of the director, Surplus Property Disposal Forms.