Surplus Property Overview

Surplus Property Overview


State Personal Surplus Property Policy and Procedures

Declare Surplus Property: Form used to declare all personal property that is of no further use to the agency, this electronic form can be used or through other advertisement.

Available Surplus Property: Site allows the public to view all available surplus property that has been declared through the Controller's website.

Dispose Surplus Property: Form used to dispose of all surplus property that has previously been declared or is exempt from declaration.

Current Disposal Items: Site lists all disposal forms that have been submitted, approved or are in draft status.

Completed Authorizations: List all Disposal Authorizations that have been approved by the Head of Agency. Used for auditing purposes.

Surplus Property Statuses and Retention of Documents



Surplus Property Administrator - Individual who has been granted access to create Surplus Property Declaration and Disposal Forms

Surplus Property Sign By Authority - Individual who has been granted access to approve on behalf of the director, Surplus Property Disposal Forms.