Time Entry Information

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When I-Time is opened, a time entry screen will be displayed.  The time entry screen will be a standard time sheet or a cost distribution time sheet according to the options selected by the agency CPO on the employee’s profile.
Terminology associated with the time sheet:
Cost Accounting: The designation of funds to a specific PCA, Index, Grant or Project.  Health and Welfare only uses PCA.
Use this link for additional information on Cost Distribution Time Entry.
Leave Balance: These balances are specific to each employee and are updated each Payroll. 
SIC = Sick
VAC = Vacation
RHH = Regular Hours Held
COVERED COMP = Compensatory time earned at one and one-half hours for overtime hours worked .
EXEMPT COMP = Compensatory time earned and accrued for overtime at one hour for each overtime hour worked.
OCH = On-Call Hours.
Note:  If you donate vacation hours or receive sick hours - your leave balance will be updated after the EIS-180 form processes.  If a time sheet was created for a future pay period, the leave balances will display on the time sheet as what they were when the time sheet was originally created.  In order to update the leave balances and pull in any new information regarding leave balances the time sheet needs to be opened and saved. If the time sheet is not opened and saved or submitted during the current pay period the review will not display the current balance.
Pay Date:  The date you will be paid for the time that is being entered.  This is not the next pay date; there is a two-week lag time from when the time is worked until when it will be paid.
Pay Period: The two week period that time is being reported for.  Dates are displayed at the top of each week on the time sheet.
Pay Location:  Agency designations to identify where a person works.
PCA:  Defines where the funding for time will be charged.  Additional identifiers are Index, Grant and Project.
Position Information:  This lists your Position Control Number and a description of the position.
Time Code:  Designates the type of time a user is entering on their time sheet. 
When I-Time is opened, a time entry screen will be displayed. The time entry screen will be a standard time sheet or a cost distribution time sheet according to the options selected by the agency CPO on the employee's profile.  
When entering less than 1 full hour, use the following link. Coding Less Than 1 Hour.  
Note:  I-Time does not generate holiday hours.  Employees are responsible for entering their own Holiday hours and for properly coding any time worked on the holiday. Use this link for information on holiday related time codes.
Multiple PCN's
An employee who has multiple PCN's will have each PCN displayed in the blue navigation frame and the center frame where they can choose which PCN/time sheet they want to enter time for.   As shown below active position(s) and any positions termed during this pay period will display. 
For instructions on completing each type of time entry, use the links below:
There are a variety of error messages that may be displayed when you first open your time sheet.  For more information use this link for Error Messages.