​​​W-2 Wage and Tax Statement

Current State Employees:  To view your W-2, sign into Luma, and select 'Employee Docs: Paystubs/W-2/1095-C' from the 'Employee Resources' widget on the Statewide homepage.

Former State Employees: Refer to the provided instructional guide for accessing your W-2 Taxforms:

Additional W-2 Information:​
Employees have the option to view and print their State of Idaho W-2's.  The State retains the current year plus four prior years of W-2's, which are available for viewing and printing.
  • Employees who work for two or more State agencies during the same calendar year will receive one combined W-2.
  • If an employee transfers to another State agency they will have access to view their W-2 information as long as they have an active log-on and password.
  • University employees will receive their W-2 from their respective University. Attempting to view a W-2 online will result in the message:  "No W-2 on file."