Director Head of Agency Authorization

Director approval is required for Payroll, Personnel, IBIS, Surplus Property and Security Request Administrator requests.  Requests for the accounting system do not require director approval.

When a form has been submitted for approval, an email is sent to the Director to let them know that a request needs to be completed. 

To view requests that need to be completed:

  • Log into 'Security Access Request'
  • Select "View Security Request for Active Employees and Pending Requests"
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the of the screen to view the employee listed under 'Authorization Status: Submitted for Director Approval'
  • Select the blue 'view' button to open the form

Completing the form:

The Director can click to view any of the tabs listed to see what access has been requested by the SRA in their agency.

  • Employee Information - Lists the employee that access is being requested for
  • Director Authorization - This section states the legal terms which the director is agreeing to when they approve a request 
  • Security Request Administrator - This section of the form only shows when the employee listed is requesting "Security Request Administrator Access".  Granting this access allows the employee to be able to request security access for accounting, payroll and IBIS for other employees within the agency.
  • Comments - Enter any applicable comments to further explain the access or approval request for the employee or any comments that may be useful for the Division of Statewide Payroll

Approve - This options sends the form to SCO for processing. By selecting this option, the director is authorizing all access listed on the request to be processed.

Disapprove - This option will send the form back to the Security Request Administrator.  Once the option is selected, the director will be required to include comments on the form being sent back for edits.

Once the form status changes to 'SCO Processed' the Director will be able to view the form and the employee's current security access.