Employee Information

Brief video overview

  • Employee Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial and Suffix
  • Employee Preferred Name -  Enter employee's name that they wish to be called. Example: Full name Robert, prefers to be called Bob.
  • Employee Agency Code - This field will auto populate
  • Employee Email - Enter the employee's email address
  • Agency Address - Enter the employee's agency address
  • Employee Phone - Enter the employee's phone number. Phone number must be 10 digits
  • Employee Fax - Enter the employee's fax number. Fax number must be 10 digits

Name Changes - If a person changes their name, the SRA will be required to send it over on the authorization form as a "No Change" action.

  1. Do not create a new request. 
  2. Locate the employee in your 'Security Access for Active Employees' list that needs to have their name changed. 
  3. Open the form and enter the employee's new name in the employee information section. 
  4. On the Payroll/IBIS/STARS & Accounting tabs you will need to select "No Change" action in that field.

The new name must be entered and approved through IPOPS before it can be changed on the security form.  Please do not update the name prior to that process being completed.

Terminate Employee

  • Terminate Employee - Used to terminate employee from agency. This action will delete ALL access for Personnel, Payroll, IBIS, Mainframe and Accounting. This option will set all action fields to 'Delete All'.

Note: If only deleting specific access, use the 'delete' option or the 'add/change access' option under the Actions field.

  • Employee Termination Date - Select a date when access needs to be removed. Cannot be a prior date.

Note: Termination requests do not require Director/Head of Agency Approval

Non- State Employees - Used to grant I-Time, Travel Express and closing package access to Non-State Employees.

When this option is selected 'Additional Non-State Employee Information' section will appear at the bottom of the form.  All other categories (Personnel/Payroll, IBIS and STARS) are removed from the form.

  • SSN Last 4 Digits - enter the last 4 digits of the non-state employee social security number
  • I-Time TEL - enter the Time Entry Location that the non-state employee needs to have access to
  • Enter closing package role they need access to
  • Statewide Accounting Module-Travel Express