​​​​​​​​​​​​​Getting Ready for Go-live​​​

Welcome. Luma is live! 
All state employees should review the following 

Important Dates

​July 1​
​Luma is LIVE
​​July 6
​Paystubs are available for employees.
  • Please watch the short, seven minute overview of the Luma Paystub using this link: Luma Pay​stub Video (must be logged into Luma to view).
  • Review your paystub, located at the bottom of the Statewide homepage. 
  • Contact your HR of Pay expert in your agency if you have questions.
July 7​
First Payday in Luma

Questions regarding Luma

Email: Servicedesk@sco.idaho.gov
Phone: 208-334-3100

Please Note : Employees will NOT have access to training or their new timesheet until they have a StateID

Training Courses​​

Where to Access Training

​Employee Role

(Interactive and Printable Version)

Screenshot 2023-06-07 092120.png

​​Manager Role

​(Interactive and Printable Version)

Do you have additional roles?​​   

​​Screenshot 2023-05-30 120256.png

Screenshot 2023-05-30 120314.png

Screenshot 2023-05-30 120337.png

Not sure about your new role? What systems did you use prior to Luma? 

*Use the chart below to compare old systems to new system modules. 

​​Old System​​ (Legacy System)

​New Luma Module

​I-TimeEmployee Time Entry / Workforce Management (WFM) 
​​Human Capital Management​ (HCM)
​Statewide Accounting System - Travel Express, Cash Receipts, Adjustments, Payment Services, Purchasing, Budgetary, Closing Package
​Finance and Supply Management (FSM)
​​Finance and Supply Management (FSM)
Enterprise Reporting

Please note:
- New template reports are currently being built within Enterprise Reporting
- Historical data will be stored in IBIS (available through Enterprise Dashboard- Legacy Systems)
​Travel Express
​Finance and Supply Management (FSM)
​Online Reporting​
​Reports will be available within each Luma Module (more information to come)
​​Security Request Access
​The process is not changing. The form can be accessed through the Enterprise Dashboard - Legacy Systems
​Surplus Property Disposal
​​Finance and Supply Management (FSM)​

Additional trainings and Quick Reference Guides can be found in 2 locations within the Service Portal​

​1. Log into the Enterprise ​Dashboard​
2. Select 'Service Portal' tile
3. ​Within the 'Service Portal' use the top menu to review Quick Reference Guides 

 or select 'Luma Training Courses'

4. ​​Within 'Luma Training', use the catalog to search topics​