Luma Security​​​

Action: Required field. The form cannot be submitted if a selection has not been made.

  • No Change - Select this option if there are no additions changes or deletions to this category
  • Add/Change - Select this option when you are making any changes to the category. This can be removing or adding access
  • Delete All - Only select this option if you want to remove all IBIS authority.

Note: If no Action is selected, the form may not be routed properly and permissions may not be applied as requested.


Agency access: Enter all agency codes the employee has access to separated by commas.

  • You do not need to fill out a different SAR form for each agency the employee will have access to.  Simply fill out One (1) SAR form and include all agencies the employee will have access to in the Agency Access field above.
  • Luma will grant the same security roles to the employee for ALL agencies they have access to.  Separate security roles per agency is not supported.

Luma Roles:

  • Roles are separated out by module and then further organized by types of roles within.
  • Use the left pointing arrow to expand those modules roles.
  • The top grouping of roles is viewable by all agencies. Other groupings of roles are only visible by certain agencies.
  • Place a check mark next to each role the employee needs.
    • NOTE: Luma Budget roles must have a Staging/Workflow Option selected before selecting roles.

Comments: Enter any applicable comments to further request permissions that do not seem to be listed.