Payroll actions allow an agency to pay employees Other Earnings and Special Payments.  The payroll action also allows an agency to create Payroll Remarks documents for payroll corrections, Payroll MVAs and adjustments to employee and employer deductions. 
Note:  Boise State University, Idaho State University and the University of Idaho, will only have Payroll Remarks in their Actions view.
When creating Other Earnings and Special Payments, the appropriate Fiscal Year must be selected.  For example, 2012 and 2013 displays in the drop-down list, but 2013 cannot be selected until STARS has rolled agency Indexes, PCAs, Grants and Projects to the next Fiscal Year.  This is part of the Fiscal Year End process that allows agencies to select valid cost distribution override codes based on the fiscal year.
Enter the employee's Social Security Number or choose first letter of the employee's last name from the letter search.
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Employee Deduction Adjustments - use to create adjustments to an employee's existing voluntary deductions
Benefit Deduction Adjustments - use to create adjustments to an employee's benefited (Employer - State sponsored) deductions
Other Earnings- use to pay employee's wages not related to hours 
Payroll MVA- use to create corrections to prior payroll records
Payroll Remarks- replaces the e-mail authorizations that have been required by DSP (Division of Statewide Payroll) when agencies request corrections to their payroll
Special Payments - use to create a one-time payment for an employee which is issued as a paper warrant
For information on the Payroll Approval Cycle