Purchasing Manual

​Administrative Tasks

Set Up Your Agency

Add or Update Users

Configure Rules and Controls for Approvers and Purchasers

Workflows vs. Departments Requirements

Create Requisition Workflows

Workflow Example (MP4 Video)

Create Requisition or Purchase Order Departments

Create Billing, Shipping, and Purchase Order Address Lists

Create Reusable Purchase Order Notes


The Requisition Status Screen

Create a Requisition

Attach Scanned Documents

"Make PO" Button Is Not Displayed

Add Freight or Shipping Charges

Select a Shipping or Billing Address

Request a Price Check from a Purchaser

Create and Use a Requisition Template

Rejected or Cancelled Requisition Items

Find a Purchase Order Number​ For a Requisition

Fiscal Coding

Enter Fiscal Coding on a Requisition

The Fiscal Coding Line Item Menu

Approve a Requisition

Authorize a Requisition

Approve or Reject a Requisition

Why You Are Unable to Approve a Requisition

Purchase Orders

The PO Status Screen

Create a Purchase Order From Requisition Items

Create a Purchase Order from One Requisition

Attach Scanned Documents

Line Item Menu Actions

Reject or Cancel a Purchase Order Item

Split Purchase Order Items

Clear, Void, or Reject a Purchase Order

Make Changes to A Purchase Order

"Make PO" Button Is Not Displayed

Print, Save, or E-mail a Purchase Order

Approve a Purchase Order

Approve a Purchase Order


Receiving Purchase Order Items


Requisition, Purchase Order, Audit and Other Reports

Receiving Reports

IBIS Reports

Processed Documents