Recomputer a Batch if Counts and Amounts Are Not Equal

Function R can be used to recompute all of the transactions entered in a batch if counts and amounts are not equal due, or if you encountered a STARS error while you are entering data, or if your computer accidentally shuts down during data entry. (You can use this to recalculate a batch that you have added transactions to if you do not change the batch header manually.


  1. Select the batch on the VIEW OR SELECT BATCH HEADERS (S0530) screen. When you select the batch, the VIEW BATCH SUMMARY (S520) screen will open.

  2. On the S520 screen, press F10 to open the CHANGE BATCH OR VIEW DETAIL TRANSACTIONS (S510) screen.

  3. On the S510 screen, type B in the FUNCTION field, and press ENTER. This will open the CHANGE BATCH HEADER screen (S511).

  4. On the S511 screen, enter all zeros in the ENTERED COUNT field and. Do this even if the ENTER COUNT is correct but the COMPUTED COUNT is incorrect.

  5. Enter all zeros in the ENTERED AMOUNT field, including the decimal point (0000000000.00).

  6. Press ENTER.

VERSION 3.1                 STARS--CHANGE BATCH HEADER                  S511 




      BATCH DEPARTMENT:     230                                               

      BATCH DATE:           08171999                                          

      BATCH TYPE:           5                                                 

      BATCH EDIT MODE:      1                                                  

      BATCH NUMBER:         505                                               

      EFFECTIVE DATE:       081799                                            

   APPROVAL LEVEL:          7                                                  


      BATCH BALANCE                                                           

          ENTERED COUNT:    00000 ENTERED AMOUNT:  0000000000.00              

         COMPUTED COUNT:    00004 COMPUTED AMOUNT: 0000000709.00              





7. STARS should automatically return to the CHANGE BATCH OR VIEW DETAIL TRANSACTIONS (S510) screen

8. On the S510 screen, type R in the FUNCT field and then press ENTER to display the adjusted batch count and batch amount totals.