Third Party Payroll Reimbursements


Your agency may receive a reimbursement for payroll expenditures from another agency or from an entity that is not a State of Idaho agency. You can enter these in Cash Receipts or STARS, and then request approval from the Division of Financial Management (DFM). The Transaction Code (TC) you use for these types of reimbursement will reduce expenditures and increase cash in your agency's fund.

Transaction Code 10P

The TC 10P will require the generic personnel expenditure 4130 (Payroll Reimbursements), a position control number, and a generic position control number of 9666.

1. Enter the TC 10P into Cash Receipts or STARS and then contact the Division of Financial Management for approval. DFM will release the batch and send e-mail notification to the State Controller's Office, Division of Statewide Accounting for release of the batch type

2. The State Treasurer will contact DFM for approval to release the J batch.

Use a batch type 'J' for depositing a check. Use a type '2' if you previously recorded the check into a treasurer's sweep or suspense account.

Vendor Refunds

TC 105 - Current Fiscal Year

TC 106 - Prior Fiscal Year

In the DAFR8640 Transaction Code Decision Table report, the following descriptions state:

Use TC 105 for Current Year Vendor Refunds. The TC 105 description states, “Record the receipt of cash due to an overpayment of an expenditure during the current fiscal year. This will reduce the cash expenditures and increase the available appropriation balance."

Use TC 106 for prior year vendor refunds received in the current year. The TC 106 description states, “Record the receipt of cash due to an overpayment of an expenditure of a prior year. This will be recorded as a revenue in the current year using a revenue subobject."