The Warrant and the Remittance Advice

The warrant has two parts - the Warrant itself and the Remittance Advice.

The Remittance Advice provides information such as the paying agency, the agency contact phone number, invoice number, invoice description, and amount. Remittance Advices can be viewed on the Vendor Remittance application. To request access to that application, contact the

Warrant - STARS generates a Warrant section for payees to deposit into their financial accounts. The warrant contains information similar to a bank check:

  • State Controller information
  • Bank Number
  • Agency Number
  • Warrant number
  • Date
  • Addressee
  • Amount
  • Name of Bank written on
  • State Controller signature

Remittance Advice - STARS generates a Remittance Advice for each warrant which contains information useful for the vendor to determine which accounts to credit the payment.

  • STARS transactions with the same invoice number and invoice description will be combined and printed on one line on the remittance advice. 

  • STARS transactions with different invoice numbers or a different invoice descriptions will print on a separate line.

  • The lines on the remittance advice will be in invoice order and then in alphabetical order by invoice description.  

  • A separate remittance advice will be created if there are more than 24 lines.