Add Freight or Shipping Charges​


In some cases, you may need to add a separate line item to a requisition for freight or shipping charges, if required by your agency’s process, or for certain vendors or types of purchases. Freight line items can be added at any point up until the fiscal coding is marked as Coding Complete.

1. On the Requisition screen, be sure you have added items to your requisition and saved it.

Figure 1 - Add a line item and save

requisition page with the save button, the add item button, and the menu link highlighted 

2. Click Menu next to the line item that you want to add freight or shipping charges to.

Figure 2 - Line Item Menu

a list of the line item menu options 

3. Click Create Freight Item to create another row to enter freight or shipping charges separately.

4. Enter the Price for the amount of the charges and select a Workflow.

Figure 3 - Freight Charge line item

a requisition with a line for the freight charge 

6. When finished, click Itemize Complete.

7. Depending on your agency’s process, the requisition will be ready for either authorization or fiscal coding.

  • A freight or shipping charge line item can be coded differently than the requisition line item. A freight or shipping charge can also be approved or rejected separately from the line item.