Approve or Reject a Purchase Order​


Purchase order approval is an optional step that the agency administrator can enable by selecting “PO Approver Required” on the Agency screen, and then assigning users as “PO Approvers”. By doing so, purchase orders must be approved before they are ordered.

The PO Approver can review, make some changes, add a vendor, and order the items or allow the purchaser to place the order. The PO Approver can also reject the purchase order back to the purchaser.

Approve a Purchase Order

1. From the PO Status screen, select a purchase order with a status of Ready for Approval. (If needed, select Ready for Approval from the Status drop-down menu and then click Find.)

2. Click Approve next to the purchase order. The purchase order will open on the PO screen.

3. Review the purchase order as needed. You can:

a. Click Print Preview to view and/or print the entire purchase order in PDF format.

b. Click Vendor Notes to view or select predefined notes that will print on the purchase order.

c. Click PO Atch to view any attached documents or to add additional documents related to the purchase order in general.

d. Check Vendor Info to view the vendor name and address (displayed on each line item). If needed, the Approver can add a vendor to the purchase order. Click the asterisk next to Vendor # to search for and add a vendor. However, once the purchase order is approved or ordered, you cannot add a vendor.

e. Check Coding Info to view the fiscal coding on each line item.

f. Review the line items for description, quantity, price, etc.

g. Click the line item Notes icon to view or add any notes specific to the line item.

h. Click the line item Atch icon to view any attached documents or to add additional documents specific to the line item.

4. Make any changes as needed. PO Approvers can change the Item, Description, Qty, U.M., or Price. PO Approvers cannot change fiscal coding. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &,',“,<,and \, in the Description field.

5. Click Approve.

6. Click Reject if you need to send the purchase order back to the purchaser. See below.

Print, Save, or E-mail a Purchase Order

1. To print a purchase order, click Print Preview.

  • The first time you click Print Preview, two options will be available – Purchase Order and PO Form #2. PO Form #2 includes the fiscal coding of each individual line item.

2. Select an option and then click Preview to display the purchase order.

Figure 1 - Print Preview options

print preview button highlighted and the preview options dialoge box shown

  • The second time you click Print Preview, a third option will be available – Original PO. Since a Purchaser may have made changes on a purchase order (e.g., increase the quantity of a line item), the Original PO will print the purchase order as it was before any changes were made.

3. The purchase order form will be displayed in PDF in a browser window. Depending on your PDF software, select the appropriate icon or command on the toolbar to print, save, or e-mail the form. Contact your IT support personnel for assistance.

Reject a Purchase Order

The approver can reject a purchase order after it has been approved. If rejected, the purchase order would go back to the purchaser for changes. The purchaser can then edit, reject any items if needed, and re-save the purchase order, keeping the same purchase order number, vendor information, etc.

On the PO screen, click Reject.

Figure 2 - Reject a purchase order

 the purchase order screen shown with the reject button highlighted