Authorize a Requisition​


After you have completed the itemization of your requisition, your agency may require another user to authorize the requisition. If your agency’s Purchasing administrator has enabled automatic authorization of requisitions, no authorization steps are required.

  • The requisition must be authorized before the fiscal coding can be marked as “Coding Complete”. 
  • The requisition must be authorized by a person who has been assigned as an Authorizer by your agency’s Purchasing administrator.

To authorize a requisition

1. From the Requisitions menu, click the Status tab.

2. Click Authorize next to a requisition with a status of Awaiting Authorization.

3. If necessary, review the Req Notes, Req Atch, or the line item Notes and/or attachments (Atch) to review any information that helps you determine whether or not to authorize the requisition.

4. Click the Authorize button.

5. Coding can now be completed and the requisition can be approved.

Figure 1 – Awaiting Authorization

Status message and authorize button highlighted