Find a Purchase Order Number​ For a Requisition

​Once a requisition has been saved to a purchase order (either ordered or in the process of being ordered), the status may be ‘Ready for Purchasing’ or the line item status may be ‘Assigned to PO’. You can check the purchase order number, the status of the items, the name of the purchaser, and if any of the items have been received.

1. From the Requisitions menu, click the Status tab.

2. Click Select next to a requisition with a status of Ordered.

Figure 1 - Status

requisition status screen with the select link and the status highlighted of one item 

3. Check the Receiving info check box.

The requisition items, the purchase order number (PO #), the name of the purchaser, etc. will be displayed.

Figure 2 - Requisition receiving info

requisition screen with the receiving info check box checked